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(noun) an overt behavior in response to a perceived threat to a bird's territory or mate. Most aggressive behavior is situational and the result of our inability to understand our bird's subtle means of communication.

Air sac

(noun) an air-filled space in the body of a bird that forms a connection between the lungs and bone cavities and aids in breathing and temperature regulation.


(verb) the action of preening or grooming the skin or feathers of another bird or favorite human. Allopreening in birds is usually directed at the top of the head, a part of the body not easily reached by the recipient.

Ambient Attention

(noun) attention given to a parrot without physical contact. For example, while they are in their cage and you are either in the room with them or nearby. This type of attention basically involves initiating and responding to contact calls.


(adj) relating to the physical structure of an animal or plant.


(noun) the structural makeup of an organism or any of its parts.


(adj) of or relating to trees.


(noun) a sea or stretch of water containing many islands.