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Downloadable Resources

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Kid's Parrot Activity Book

The Kid’s Parrot Activity Book was designed with the thought it would be a fun resource for parents, grandparents and educators to introduce young children to the world of parrots and concepts of responsible parrot care. We encourage using this activity book in conjunction with our website where you can tap into much more interactive content including sound and video files. Most importantly, we hope everyone has fun learning about parrots!

Kid's Parrot Activity Book Answer Key

Need some help solving our puzzles? You are in the right place!

The Parrot Enrichment Activity Book - Version 1

The Parrot Enrichment Activity books (Version 1 and 2) are an incredible resource developed by enrichment guru Kris Porter.  They are packed with tons of great toymaking ideas sure to enrichment the lives of your birds.

The Parrot Enrichment Activity Book - Version 2

This version is a fantastic extension of the great ideas that Kris presented in Version 1. You and your birds will not be disappointed with all these new enrichment tips!

Kris has also created a wonderful website at where she elaborates on the ideas presented in the Parrot Enrichment Activity Books. She also provides video instruction on how to encourage your parrot to learn to forage and engage in enrichment activities both inside and outside the cage.