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Parrots in Cartoons

mickeysparrotMickey's Parrot

This very humorous cartoon, released by Disney in 1938, has Mickey and Pluto thinking they are tracking the escaped criminal "Machine Gun Butch" through the house while all the time it is a wandering parrot.  Have fun watching!


tweetyTweety Bird

Tweety, an adorable yellow canary, is one of the best loved and best known cartoon birds of all times.   The central theme of Tweety's cartoon episodes is to avoid being eaten by his arch nemesis, Sylvester the Cat, as soon as his owner Granny is out of sight.  Tweety's trademark phrase was "I taut I taw a puddy tat".  Tweety appeared in almost 50 Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodie cartoons between 1942 and 1965.  Check out a video of Tweety in action:


josecariocaJose Carioca  

Jose carioca is Disney cartoon character that was created in 1943 as a friend of Donald Duck.  Jose was described as "a dapper Brazilian parrot".   In 1944, Disney released the film The Three Caballeros which starred Donald Duck, Jose Carioca and a Mexican rooster named Panchito Pistoles.  Check out the trio singing the song "The Three Cabelleros":




Iago is a Disney character that first appeared in the movie Alladin in 1992.  Iago resembles a Scarlett macaw and plays the villianous Jafar's henchman.  Take a look at this video that shows some of Iago's funniest moments:


Cartoon rioRio

Blu is a domesticated Macaw who never learned to fly, living a comfortable life with his owner and best friend Linda in the small town of Moose Lake, Minnesota. Blu and Linda think he's the last of his kind, but when they learn about another Macaw who lives in Rio de Janeiro, they head to the faraway and exotic land to find Jewel, Blu's female counterpart. Not long after they arrive, Blu and Jewel are kidnapped by a group of bungling animal smugglers. With the help of street smart Jewel, and a group of wise-cracking and smooth-talking city birds, Blu escapes. Now, with his new friends by his side, Blu will have to find the courage to learn to fly, thwart the kidnappers who are hot on their trail, and return to Linda, the best friend a bird ever had.  Take a peek at the movie trailer below!

Did you know that the movie Rio was inspired by a true story?  Read about it Rio, the True Story!