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pic cockatielpic cockatiel2Cockatiels are one of the world's most popular pet birds. Cockatiels are the smallest members of the Cockatoo family.

Cockatiels, especially the males, can learn to speak and they are very good at learning to whistle. Although they can be noisy, cockatiels don't have a loud screeching voice like other members of the cockatoo family.

Cockatiels are friendly and make wonderful pets for children and adults alike. They are easily tamed and can be very affectionate.

Cockatiels have a very distinctive crest of feathers on their head, a circle of orange feathers on their cheeks and very long, slender tail feathers.

There are several color mutations of domestically bred cockatiels but, in the wild, they are mostly grey in color which helps to keep them less visible to predators. Some common cockatiel color mutations are: Cinnamon, Lutino, Pearl, Pied and Silver.

cockatiel mapCockatiels are native to outback regions of Australia and are found throughout a large proportion of the continent with the exception of the island of Tasmania and the coastal regions.

The Australian outback region is characterized by large open spaces, wetlands, scrublands and bushlands. Cockatiels prefer to roost in trees near a source of water. Cockatiels are very nomadic and relocate according to the availability of food and water.

In the wild, cockatiels are often observed in pairs and in small flocks. They also combine into much larger flocks to travel to their feeding areas.

Cockatiels typically lay three to eight eggs per clutch.

The cockatiel's diet in the wild consists mainly of grass seeds, grains and berries. In captivity, cockatiels should be fed a varied diet consisting of pellets, seeds, vegetables, greens and fruits.

The wild population of cockatiels is not considered threatened.

Listen to Cockatiels in the wild:

View a World Parrot Trust video of wild cockatiels:

Nymphicus hollandicus

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Common Name



Nymphicus hollandicus

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Life Span:

15 - 20 yrs.


12 - 13" (30 - 33 cm)


3 oz. (90 grams)


Take a look at this talented singing cockatiel:

  • Cockatiels were first discovered and described by naturalists in 1792 when Australia was known as New Holland. This is why the cockatiel got "hollandicus" as part of its species name.
  • The word cockatiel comes from the Dutch word "kakatielje" which means "little cockatoo".
  • Australia banned the export of cockatiels in 1894. All cockatiels in the US have been domestically bred.
  • Cockatiels build their nests in tree hollows and they enter their nests tail first.
  • If a cockatiels crest feathers are standing straight up it means the bird is surprised or excited about something. If the crest feathers are relaxed, then the bird is relaxed. If the cockatiel's crest feathers are flat against its head, the bird is angry!
  • Cockatiels make a hissing sound when they are annoyed.
  • Cockatiels typically live from 15 to 20 years but one was recorded to live util the age of 36!
  • Zambia and Poland are two countries that have included cockatiels on postage stamps:
stamp Cockatiel stamp Cockatiel2


  • Do a Cockatiel jigsaw puzzle.
  • Take a quiz about Cockatiels.
  • Print a Cockatielcoloring page.
  • Check out a fun video of a Cockatiel learning to play basketball:

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